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Nos divertimos mucho.
We had a lot of fun.
Aunque no ganemos nada en Las Vegas, nos habremos divertido.
Even if we don’t win anything in Las Vegas, we will have had fun.
Nosotros nos divertimos mucho.
We have a lot of fun.
Nos contaron unos cuentos interesantes y chistosos con los cuales nos divertimos mucho.
They told us a few interesting and humorous stories with which we were much amused.
Daba siempre regalos a los niños, con los que ellos se divertían mucho.
He always gave presents to the children, with which they had much fun.
A Pedro le gusta divertir a los niños con trucos de magia.
Pedro likes to entertain the children with magic tricks.
¡Que te diviertas!
Have a good time!
Nos divertíamos jugando a las canicas.
We used to have a good time playing marbles.
Me divierte ver los partidos de la liga internacional.
I enjoy watching the games of the international league.
Nos vamos a divertir en la fiesta.
We are going to have fun at the party.
Me parece justo que quieras divertirte.
I think it's fair enough that you should want to enjoy yourself.
Siempre nos divertimos en la fiesta.
We always have fun at the party.
Pedro nos divirtió con sus chistes.
Pedro entertained us with his jokes.
¿Por qué se encuentra la flota ahí, para divertir a los niños y ancianos de Crimea?
Why is the fleet there, then - to entertain kids and the elderly in Crimea?
   – Los juguetes no solo tienen la función de divertir, sino también de enseñar a los niños y ayudarles a conocer el mundo.
   The role of children’s toys is not only to amuse, but also to teach children and help them get to know the world.

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