Medical Spanish Dialogues with Translations  

Medical Spanish Medical Dialogues

The patient interview is the medical professional's most versatile diagnostic tool. Unfortunately, interviewing is also one of the most difficult clinical skills to master. The demands made upon the medical professional are both emotional as well intellectual. The analytical skills of diagnostic reasoning must be balanced with the interpersonal skills needed to establish a human connection with the patient, without this connection there will be little communication.

While developing the Spanish medical dialogues presented above, it was necessary to take into account that interviewing is frequently considered part of the 'art' of medicine. Regardless, these resources demonstrate the validity of interviewing as a true 'science' based on critical observation and analysis of the patient. The medical dialogues provide a guide to conducting initial interviews with the Spanish speaking patient. They provide the Spanish vocabulary required for effective interviewing. The bulk of the dialogues focus on the diagnostic interview, but health promotion dialogues and follow-up dialogues are also included.

The user should keep in mind that conducting an interview in Spanish is a practical skill that can only be learned through doing. No amount of memorizing dialogues can replace the experience of actually interviewing Spanish speaking patients. The most challenging aspect of the interview will always be understanding the responses of each patient. Spanish speaking paitients come from many countries and speak with a variety of accents. In truth, many do not even speak Spanish as their first language. The patient's fist language is often an Indian dialect and their Spanish vocabulary may be extremely limited.

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Popular Phrase: maquilla | Medical Spanish | Conjugated Verb: competir - to compete [ click for full conjugation ]