Conjugation and use of Verbs in the Future Indicative  

The Future The Future Indicative

To form the future indicative, the infinitive is used as the stem. The endings for all verbs are shown in the table below:

yo é
Ud. á
nosotros (as) emos
vosotros (as) éis
Uds./ellos/ellas án

Let's consider the future tense of the verb llamar (to call). The future tense is formed using the formula: infinitive form of verb + future tense ending = future

The infinitive form of the verb is llamar

We add on one of the future tense endings: é, ás, á, emos, éis, án
llamar + (ending) --> llamaré, llamarás, llamará, llamaremos, llamaréis, llamarán

Some example sentences with the verb llamar:

Llamaré a la policía si te veo otra vez aquí.
I will call the police if I see you here again.

Llamaré al cuerpo de reserva.
I will call for a backup unit.

Bueno, se lo llamaré.
OK, I’ll call him for you.

Some example sentences using other verbs:

¿Cuándo estará listo?
When will it be ready?

¿Cuándo estarán terminados los informes financieros?
When will the financial reports be done?

Usted necesitará este destornillador.
You will need this screwdriver.

Espere aquí. Alistaré el carro.
Wait here, I’ll get the car ready.

Bueno, regresaré temprano a casa.
OK, I will come home early.

Los Martínez nos prestarán su casa.
The Martinez family will loan us their house.

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