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Los testigos hablaron con el abogado ayer.
The witnesses (los testigos) spoke with the lawyer yesterday.
Yo esperaba que se lo pudieras dar ayer.
I was hoping that you would be able to give it to him yesterday.
No almorcé ayer.
I didn't eat lunch yesterday.
Ellos regresaron ayer de Europa.
They returned yesterday from Europe.
Ayer estuvimos en el instituto hasta tarde.
Yesterday we were in the institute until late.
¿Qué almorzaron ayer?
What did you all have for lunch yesterday?
Visité a María ayer.
I visited Mary yesterday.
Yo creo que María hizo la tarea ayer.
I think that Mary did the homework yesterday.
Ellos jugaron fútbol ayer.
They played soccer yesterday.
Ayer, yo vine a la clase temprano.
Yesterday, I came to the class early.
¿Viniste a la clase temprano ayer?
Did you come to the class early yesterday?
Ayer, recibimos un correo electrónico del jefe.
Yesterday, we received an email from the boss.
María quería que yo fuera a la tienda ayer.
Mary wanted me to go to the store yesterday.
Nosotros vinimos a la clase temprano ayer.
We came to class early yesterday.
¡Adivina quién vino ayer!
Guess who came yesterday!
Los muchachos vinieron a la clase temprano ayer.
The boys came to the class early yesterday.
Ayer Juan se fue a Madrid
Yesterday Juan left for Madrid.
Yo les di el dinero ayer.
I gave them the money yesterday.
Él estuvo corriendo aquí ayer.
He was running here yesterday.
Ayer a mediodía la joyería estaba cerrada.
Yesterday afternoon the jewelry shop was closed.
Nosotros hablamos con el abogado ayer.
We spoke with the lawyer yesterday.
Los señores hablaron con el médico ayer.
The gentlemen spoke with the doctor yesterday.
Yo no fui a la tienda ayer porque yo no pude.
I didn't go to the store yesterday because I couldn't.
¿A quién viste ayer por la noche?
Who did you see last night?
¿Pudiste ir a la tienda ayer?
Were you able to go to the store yesterday?
Yo no sé si María fue a la tienda ayer.
I don't know if Mary went to the store yesterday.
Sara se lastimó la espalda ayer.
Sara hurt her back yesterday.
Acudimos a la cita ayer.
We went to the meeting yesterday
La tomó ayer.
He took it yesterday.
Luisa me llamó ayer.
Luisa called me yesterday.
Tres empleados renunciaron ayer.
Three employees quit yesterday.
Ellos almorzaron con nosotros ayer.
They had lunch with us yesterday.
Me gustan más los diseños que me enseñó ayer.
I like better the designs he showed me yesterday.
La llené ayer en la tarde.
I filled it out yesterday afternoon.
Juan me dice que se lo diste ayer.
John tells me that you gave it to him yesterday.
Ayer no hicimos nada.
We didn't do anything yesterday.
Me dijiste que le darías el dinero ayer.
You told me that you would give him the money yesterday.
Se lo dimos ayer.
We gave it to them yesterday.
Juan estaba estudiando en la biblioteca ayer.
John was studying in the library yesterday.
Nosotros fuimos a la iglesia ayer.
We went to church yesterday.
Ayer fue cuando volvió.
Yesterday was when he/she returned.
Les dimos el dinero ayer.
We gave the money to them yesterday.
Ayer di un paseo en coche.
Yesterday I took a ride.
Yo almorcé con María ayer.
I had lunch with Mary yesterday.
Por fin conocimos ayer a nuestros vecinos.
We finally met our neighbors yesterday.
Los muchachos dicen que te lo dieron ayer.
The boys say that they gave it to you yesterday.
¿Quiénes se inscribieron ayer?
Who registered yesterday?
Ayer jugué tenis en el parque con mis amigos.
Yesterday I played tennis in the park with my friends.
¿Jugaste en la cancha de basquetbol ayer?
Did you play on the basketball court yesterday?
María jugó tenis conmigo ayer.
Mary played tennis with me yesterday.
Nosotros estudiamos ayer en la escuela.
We studied yesterday in the school.
Los muchachos jugaron tenis en el parque ayer.
The boys played tennis in the park yesterday.
¿Con quién almorzaste ayer?
Who did you have lunch with yesterday?
Almorcé con mis colegas ayer.
I had lunch with my colleagues yesterday.
Hice la tarea para la clase de historia ayer.
I did the homework for the history class yesterday.
Corté el césped ayer.
I mowed the lawn yesterday.
Yo me comí un mango ayer.
I ate a mango yesterday.
Yo reservé ayer dos habitaciones.
I reserved two rooms yesterday.
Hizo buen tiempo ayer.
It was nice yesterday.
Él vino ayer por la tarde.
He came yesterday afternoon.
Mi equipo ganó ayer.
My team won yesterday.
Juan le llevó los libros a Maria ayer.
Juan carried Maria's books yesterday.
Mi equipo jugó ayer.
My team played yesterday.
¿Qué anduvieron haciendo ayer en la mañana?
What did you do yesterday morning?
El que fue ayer fue quien lo hizo.
He who went yesterday did it.
Yo trabajé en la oficina ayer.
I worked in the office yesterday.
¿Trabajaste en la oficina ayer?
Did you work in the office yesterday?
Se descompuso la aspiradora ayer, ¿verdad?
Your vacuum cleaner broke down yesterday, didn't it?
Yo vendí el carro ayer.
I sold the car yesterday.
¿Vendiste el carro ayer?
Did you sell the car yesterday?
Juan vendió el carro ayer.
John sold the car yesterday.
Ellos vendieron el carro ayer.
They sold the car yesterday.
Lidia no vino ayer. Quizá haya estado enferma.
Lidia didn't come yesterday. Maybe she was sick.
Él no vino a clase ayer.
He didn't come to class yesterday.
La maestra nos entregó nuestras calificaciones ayer.
The teacher gave us our grades yesterday.
Nosotros llegamos ayer al hotel.
We arrived yesterday at the hotel.
Yo le di el dinero a Juan ayer.
I gave Juan the money yesterday.
Juan habló con el abogado ayer.
John spoke with the lawyer yesterday.
Llegué muy contento ayer.
I arrived very happy yesterday.
Yo trabajaba en la oficina ayer.
I was working in the office yesterday.
¿ Trabajabas en la oficina ayer?
Were you working in the office yesterday?
María trabajaba en la oficina ayer.
Mary was working in the office yesterday.
Viste a mi hermana ayer?
Did you see my sister yesterday?
Nosotros trabajábamos en la oficina ayer.
We were working in the office yesterday.
Las muchachas trabajaban en la oficina ayer.
The girls were working in the office yesterday.
Nosotros fuimos a la playa ayer.
We went to the beach yesterday.
Desde ayer.
since yesterday
¿Vino Julio al partido ayer?
Did Julio come to the game yesterday?
¿ Fuiste al museo ayer?
Did you go to the museum yesterday?
El compró un automóvil nuevo ayer.
He bought a new car yesterday.
Yo hablé con el subgerente ayer.
I talked to the assistant manager yesterday.
Yo fui a la tienda ayer.
I went to the store yesterday.
¿ Fuiste a la tienda ayer?
Did you go to the store yesterday?
Juan fue a la tienda ayer.
John went to the store yesterday.
¿Me llamaste ayer?
Did you call me yesterday?
Perdí mis anteojos nuevos ayer.
I lost my new glasses yesterday.
¿Sabes si Pedro llamó a Ana ayer?
Do you know if Pedro called Ana yesterday?
¿Volvió Ud. al Instituto ayer en la tarde?
Did you come back to the Institute yesterday afternoon?
Dejé mi curriculum con muchas compañías ayer.
I left my résumé at many companies yesterday.
Ayer no fue así.
That was not the case yesterday.
Los consumidores no nacieron ayer.
Consumers were not born yesterday.
Ayer hubo un malentendido.
There was a misunderstanding yesterday.
Ya nos conocimos ayer.
We did of course see each other yesterday.
Lo habría hecho ayer.
He would have done this yesterday.
Ayer hice una intervención.
I made a speech yesterday which I must reiterate today and I am pleased to have a small French audience for this.
Señor Presidente, intervine ayer.
Mr President, I spoke yesterday.
Ayer presenciamos un acto atroz.
We witnessed yesterday a profoundly shocking event.
El debate lo celebramos ayer.
We had the debate yesterday.
La UE no se creó ayer.
The EU was not created yesterday.
Eso ya se mencionó ayer.
This was mentioned again yesterday.
Ayer hubo otras declaraciones importantes.
Yesterday there were other important statements.
Ayer nos fue imposible encontrarlo.
Yesterday we could not find it at all.
El caso Laval no ocurrió ayer.
Laval did not happen yesterday.
Empezamos a debatir esta cuestión ayer.
We started discussing this yesterday.
No seamos "el hombre de ayer".
Let us not be the man of yesterday.
Usted aprobó ayer la votación.
You approved the vote yesterday.
Ayer, el tema no quedó resuelto.
Yesterday the matter was left unresolved.
Volvimos a plantear la cuestión ayer.
We raised it again yesterday.
Eso fue ayer, me dirán ustedes.
That, I hear you say, was yesterday.
Hasta ayer no había habido respuesta.
Up to yesterday, he had not had a reply.
El Sr. Seppänen se refirió a él ayer.
Mr Seppänen addressed it yesterday.
Ayer viajé a Skopie por última vez.
My latest trip to Skopje was yesterday.
Señor Presidente, ayer a mediodía estuve presente.
Mr President, I was present yesterday.
Ya se lo dije ayer a su sustituto.
I did say it yesterday to your representative.
Alegrémonos de los avances de ayer.
For the time being, let us be happy about the progress represented by yesterday' s decision.
Ayer se habían reunido frente al Parlamento.
Yesterday, they came here to Parliament once again.
Señoría, ayer ya hablamos de este asunto.
Mr Meyer, we talked about this matter yesterday.
En este Parlamento ayer, los socialistas británicos...
In this Parliament yesterday the British Socialists ...
La enmienda se aceptó ayer muy tarde.
The proposed amendment arrived very late last night.
Ayer, cuando estuvimos allí, no había maquinaria pesada.
There was no heavy equipment when we were there yesterday.
O mejor dicho, eso era ayer.
Or, more precisely, did account for that figure in the past.
Ayer tuvo lugar el último contacto.
The latest contact took place yesterday.
Ayer, caminando entre fronteras, me fui a Nápoles.
Yesterday, while I was wandering between borders, I went to Naples.
Llevamos discutiendo sobre Turquía desde ayer.
We have been arguing about Turkey since yesterday.
Ayer estuvimos votando hasta las 14.00 horas.
Yesterday, we were voting until 2 p.m.
Ayer sucedió algo que causó cierta sensación.
Yesterday an event occurred which caused something of a sensation.
Ayer intervine aquí en el Pleno.
Yesterday I spoke here in plenary.
Ayer hablamos de ello largo y tendido.
We talked about it at length yesterday.
Lo he comprobado hoy al igual que ayer.
I have witnessed this today and yesterday.
Ayer Jim Cusack escribió un artículo en .
Yesterday an article was written by Jim Cusack in .
Recibimos la petición ayer por la mañana.
We received the request yesterday morning.
Ayer arobamos esta opinión en mi comisión.
We adopted that opinion yesterday in my committee.
   Se han distribuido las actas de ayer.
   Yesterday’s minutes have been circulated.
Ayer celebramos la conferencia de Afganistán.
Yesterday we had the Afghanistan conference.
Ayer también se produjo otro acontecimiento significativo.
Yesterday also marked another significant event.
Ayer olvidé firmar la lista de asistencia.
I had omitted to sign the list of people present yesterday.
Ayer leí detenidamente su comunicación al Consejo.
Yesterday I read your Communication to the Council very carefully.
Ayer, todos pudimos comprobar ese fracaso.
Yesterday, we all took note of that failure.
Se ha distribuido el acta de ayer.
Yesterday's Minutes have been distributed.

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