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Step 1

Cerrar means to close.
Cerrar is regular in the preterite.

yo cerré I closed
cerraste you closed
Ud./él/ella cerró you/he/she closed
nosotros/as cerramos we closed
vosotros/as cerrasteis you all closed
Uds./ellos/ellas cerraron you all/they closed

Yo cerré la puerta de mi corazón.
      I closed the door of my heart.

¿Cerraste la puerta con llave?
      Did you close the door with key?
        (Did you lock the door?)

Juan cerró la ventana.
      John closed the window.

Ud. cerró los ojos.
      You closed your eyes.

Nosotros cerramos la casa.
      We locked the house.

Cerraron la investigación por doping contra
      Lance Armstrong.

    They closed the investigation of doping against
      Lance Armstrong.

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