Common Errors of English Speakers when Learning Spanish  

Spanish Grammar Common Errors Common Errors in Spanish 3
Errors 1
“To look at”, “to look for”, “to ask for”, “to wait for”

Several Spanish verbs include in their meaning what appear to be prepositions in English such as “at” or “for”. These include mirar (“to look at”), buscar (“to look for”, “to search for”, or “to look up [something in a reference source]”), pedir (“to ask for” or “to request”) and esperar (“to wait for [someone/something]”).

  • Mamá miró la cuenta unos minutos sin decir nada.
    Mom looked at the bill a few minutes without saying anything.
  • Busqué el anillo una hora entera.
    I looked for the ring for a whole hour.
  • Esta mañana pedí un aumento de sueldo.
    This morning I asked for a pay raise.
  • Voy a llegar tarde; no me esperes.
    I'll be late; don't wait for me.

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