Verb dar - to give  

Spanish 101 Dar
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The verb dar means to give. It is irregular.

yo doy I give
das you give
Ud./él/ella da you/he/she gives
nosotros/as damos we give
vosotros/as dais you all give
Uds./ellos/ellas dan you all/they give

Yo doy un regalo.
      I give a gift.
Tú das una muñeca.
      You give a doll.
Él da comida al perro.
      He gives food to the dog.
Ud. da un regalo a la muchacha.
      You give a gift to the girl. (formal)
Nosotros damos sándwiches.
      We give sandwiches.
Vosotros dais información.
      You all give information.
Ellos dan un barco.
      They give a boat.

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