Verb comprender - to understand  

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Comprender is a regular -er verb.

Comprender means to understand. It is mostly applied when being sympathetic to other's feelings.

yo comprendo I understand
comprendes you understand
Ud/él/ella comprende you/he/she understands
nosotros/as comprendemos we understand
vosotros/as comprendéis you all understand
Uds/ellos/as comprenden you all/they understand

  No comprendo.
       I don't understand.
  No señora. Comprendo todo.
       No ma'am. I understand everything.
  ¿Tú comprendes?
       Do you understand?
  Elena te comprende.
       Elena understands you.
 Nosotros no comprendemos las lecciones.
       We don't understand the lessons.
  Ellos comprenden al profesor.
        They understand the professor.

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