Expressing Needs and Making Recommendations  

Spanish Grammar, Videos & Quizzes 1 Present Subjunctive

We already know that the subjunctive is used to
express hopes and wishes.

Yo espero que a tí te guste la música.
I hope that you like the music.

The subjunctive is also used to express need.

Es necesario que usted coma.
It is necessary for you to eat (that you eat).

Es necesario que pensemos como equipo.
It is necessary that we think as a team.

Es necesario que pida un préstamo.
It is necessary for me to request a loan.

If a general statement is made then the subjunctive is NOT used.

Es necesario regar el jardín cada semana.
The garden needs to be watered every week.

The subjunctive is also used to make recommendations.

Le recomiendo que vaya al hospital.
I advise you to go to hospital.

Le recomiendo que visite la playa antes de que la cierren.
I recommend that you visit the beach before they close it.

Le aconsejo que nade más.
I advise you to swim more.

Te aconsejo que no pierdas la cabeza.
I advise you not to lose your head.

Te sugiero que hagas los deberes.
I suggest that you do the homework.

Yo sugiero que ustedes nos corrijan la pronunciación a nosotros.
I suggest that you correct our pronunciation.

Es necesario que seas informada. - It is necessary that you be educated.
Es necesario que aprendamos español. - It is necessary that we learn Spanish.
Es necesario que Jorge le registre. - It is necessary that Jorge registers himself.
Es necesario que lo haga. - It is necessary that he does it.
Es necesario que vuelvas pronto. - It is necessary that you return soon.
Es necesario que Sofía venga temprano. - It is necessary that Sophia comes early.
Es necesario que Europa conserve energía eléctrica. - It is necessary that Europe conserve electricity.
¿Es necesario que el maestro sea tan duro? - Is it necessary for the teacher to be so hard?

Le recomiendo que participe en el juego. - I recommend that you participate in the game.
Le recomiendo que venga a mi casa. - I recommend that you come to my house.
Le recomiendo que vaya a ver una película. - I recommend that you go see a movie.
Le recomiendo que sea optimista. - I recommend that you be optimistic.

Le aconsejo que compre un coche nuevo. - I advise you to buy a new car.
Le aconsejo que busque un buen taller mecánico. - I advise you to look for a good mechanic.
Le aconsejo que no se preocupe. - I advise you to not worry.
Te aconsejo que me olvides. - I advise you to forget about me.
Te aconsejo que hables con tu amiga sobre esto. - I advise you to speak with your friend about this.
Te aconsejo que hagas un curso de cumputadores. - I advise you to take a computer class.
Te aconsejo que busques trabajo. - I advise you to look for a job.
Te aconsejo que esperes. - I advise you to wait.

Te sugiero que olvides la hora. - I suggest that you forget the time.
Te sugiero que las prueben. - I suggest that you try them.
Les sugiero que no se metan con esto. - I suggest that you all not get involved with this.
Les sugiero que estén atentos. - I suggest that you all pay attention.

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