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The prepositions below will allow you to clearly communicate your idea.

Complex Prepositions
además de - as well as, in addition to
al lado de - beside
alrededor de - around, about
antes de - before
a pesar de - despite
cerca de - near, close to
con respecto a - with respect to
de acuerdo con - in accordance with
debajo de - under, underneath
delante de - in front of
dentro de - in, inside, into, within
después de - after
detrás de - behind
encima de - on top of, above
en cuanto a - in this regard
enfrente de - opposite
frente a - opposite, towards
fuera de - except for, apart from
junto a - next to, right by, near
lejos de - far away from
Single Prepositions
a - at, to
ante - before, compared to
bajo - under, below
con - with
contra - against
de - of, about
desde - since, from
durante - during, for
en - in, on, into, by
entre - between, among, amongst
excepto - with the exception of
hacia - towards, about, around
hasta - as far as, up to, until, till
mediante - by means of
para - for, to, towards
por - because of, to, for, by, through, per
salvo - except (for)
según - according to, depending on
sin - without
sobre - on top of, over, above, about, upon
tras - behind, after
Prepositions can show a movement, time and position relationship among two or more objects within the sentence.

Spanish prepositions do not take on masculine and feminine or singular and plural. They will always have the same form. Prepositions can be single, formed by only one word, or complex, formed by more than one word.

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